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The Giving Book Testimonials:

“Want to nurture a child who learns to care about others? Buy them this book and let them experience how good it feels to do so!”

“We are all taught that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Ellen Sabin’s evocative book reminds us that it is never too early to start giving—and that it is never too late either.”
- Howard Gardner, Co-Director of the GoodWork Project, Harvard Graduate School of Education
“So far, I’ve helped special needs kids, my school and a man who was hungry.”
– Leah, 6-year-old book user
“This activity book for children can be the beginning of a child’s discovery of the joy of giving.”
– Frances Hesselbein, Chairman of Leader to Leader Institute, Former CEO Girl Scouts of the USA.
“The Giving Book is in itself a gift to all of us who seek a greater level of philanthropy in our world. It is a wonderful, engaging tool for parents and others who want to instill in our children a strong sense of giving. It provides children an opportunity to use their own skills and ideas in creating a better life for someone besides themselves -- building higher self esteem and a belief that one person can make a difference in the lives of others. My deepest appreciation goes to Ms. Sabin for her contribution to our children and our future!”
– Shay Bilchik, President/CEO, Child Welfare League of America
“The Giving Book is exciting on so many levels! As a former fifth grade teacher, I see the value in it for the classroom. Teachers can now engage their students in fun lessons that will lead to a lifetime of compassion and service. At the same time, children are encouraged to read, compute, write, problem solve and be creative. As a parent, I love the idea of participating with my son in activities that help us bond while contributing to our community. The design and illustrations have drawn us both in.”
– Tarra Funk, Educator and Parent
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“The Giving Book fits well into our mission of teaching young Jewish children about doing good deeds- tzedachah. I believe this book has a place in all religious-oriented stores or venues as it teaches the universally religious theme of giving back to the world."
  – Mark Schwimmer, General Manager, Religious Bookstore
“I have read [The Giving Book] with interest and liked the premise and format. I will include it as a useful addition to the New Jersey Department of Education's Directory of Character Education Programs – which school districts throughout the State use in selecting materials to support development of their character education programs.”
– Philip Brown, Ph.D., Director of New Jersey Center for Character Education
“This book is so important ... but it is also as much fun and creative as Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, and other classics. I hope it inspires just as many kids to dream!”
– Nancy Lubin, CEO, Do Something and Founder, Dress for Success
“My 8-year-old is eating it up. He’s talking to us about his giving actions, he’s asking about the world and he’s even teaching his little sister to pick up litter.”
– parent
“A key to raising philanthropic children is to start the lessons when they are young. This interactive book is a perfect place to begin!”
– Susan Crites Price, author of “The Giving Family: Raising Our Children To Help Others (Council on Foundations, 2003)
“The greatest gift we can give our children is a tender heart and one full of compassion for others. Giving is a joy. This book takes an old concept and involves the children in the giving process, teaching them firsthand the benefits to giving.”
– Editor, Wee Ones Magazine
“This activity book is an excellent way to teach morals and ethics. I believe that is has a useful message delivered in a unique and enjoyable manner and stimulates valuable family and/or class discussions.”
– Elaine Goldberg, Principal of School in NYC
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The Hero Book Testimonials:

“I've committed much time and energy into building organizations that serve to educate, empower, and uplift the spirits of children and their familles. And, along the way I have met my fair share of heroes among them. To the parents, caregivers and teachers out there -- The Hero Book is for the children you love. It entertains, inspires and fosters a sense of wellness and goodness. The Hero Book engages children in thinking about traits worthy of admiration and allows them to see the heroic qualities in themselves and those around them.”
– Peter Samuelson, Founder of Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation and co-founder, and President of First Star Foundation
“Great, fun book! I admire the presidents, but I also admire my teacher, my mom, and my big brother the most. I learned a lot and had fun.”
– Beth, age 10
“Boys & Girls Clubs are Positive Places in which children learn, grow and have fun. The Hero Book offers a similar experience. It invites children to explore, think and talk about admirable traits and qualities in others. As they enjoy drawing and writing in this interactive activity book, children are growing and learning. Children should have more books like The Hero Book on their shelves!”
– Judith J. Pickens, Senior Vice President, Program Services, Boys & Girls Clubs of America
“In today's celebrity-obsessed world, where it is has become all too commonplace to confuse fame with character or meaningful accomplishment, this book fills a very necessary space. … 'The Hero Book' presents solid, lasting lessons in an engaging, interactive format which is neither preachy nor simplistic, but instead treats young people with respect- as thoughtful, engaged participants, and in so doing provides them with examples of real leadership and real character on which they can base their own value systems. Anyone who is looking to inspire the young people in their lives to aspire to both greatness and quiet integrity should consider adding 'The Hero Book' to their library."
– Reader Review
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The Autism Acceptance Book Testimonials:

“Good character involves the head, the heart, and the hand-knowing, caring, and acting. The Autism Acceptance Book develops all three: children's understanding of autism, their empathy for those facing this challenge, and their ability to befriend them in helpful ways. Any young reader who develops these sensitivities toward people with autism is likely to become more empathetic and kind toward people in general. Parents, teachers, and others who care about character will be grateful for this excellent resource.”
– Thomas Lickona, Ph.D, author, Character Matters; Director, Center for the 4th and 5th Rs, SUNY Cortland
“This book is a powerful tool for ensuring that our schools and classrooms are a positive place for children with special needs. It helps implement tenets of the Individuals with Disability Education Act and allows children to have fun while softening the stigma of autism.”
– Rod Paige, former United States Secretary of Education
“The quality of life of children with autism can be enhanced when the people in their lives better understand them. This book does a tremendous job of helping children form an idea of what it is like to be autistic and how their patience and understanding can help those who are. I hope it is shared far and wide.”
– Suzanne Wright, Co-founder, Autism Speaks
“I was delighted to have Ellen participate in our Meet the Author event, as part of the United Nations' first ever World Autism Awareness Day. UN staff, diplomats and visitors were in attendance to hear Ellen's heartfelt remarks about teaching kids to be kind and accepting of their peers with autism. I sincerely hope her book gets spread around the world; it carries a universal message full of hope and compassion.”
– Juan Carlos Brandt, Chief, Advocacy and Special Events, United Nations
“I wish I'd had this book when I was a child. It sensitively and intelligently describes autism. Children, neurotypical (NT) and on the autism spectrum alike will get a lot out of it. It is the voice of reason and acceptance. If you get no other book for young people about autism, be sure to get this one. It is truly a shining gem! I love it!”
– Reader Review
“What an impact this book has made for our family, friends and our community!! I have ordered several copies of this book and find that every time I order one, I am giving it to someone to have or pass on. I cannot imagine there is a better compliment of descriptions and illustrations for anyone (young or old) to understand autism. My son is autistic and I have given copies to family members as well as his special education teachers at school (who have utilized this material to enlighten other children in the school about autism)."
– Reader Review
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The Healing Book Testimonials:

“Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone who's grieving is let them grieve in their own way. This book lets children have space to explore their feelings.”
– David Techner, Funeral Director and Children's Grief Specialist
“"This journal invites children to have their loved one live on through their memories. It's interactive, comforting, and real."”
– Terese Vorsheck, Director, Highmark Caring Place A Grieving Center for Children, Adolescents and their Families
“When my great grandmother died, I was sad and confused. The kids at school didn't understand. I got this book and it seemed like a friend.”
– Leah Sabin Kanzer, Age 9
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The Special Needs Acceptance Book Testimonials:

“Good character involves the head, the heart, and the hand-knowing, caring, and acting. This book develops all three: children's understanding of special needs, their empathy for those facing the challenges of special needs, and their ability to befriend them in helpful ways. Parents, teachers, and others who care about character will be grateful for this excellent resource.”
– Thomas Lickona, Ph.D, author, Character Matters; Director, Center for the 4th and 5th Rs, SUNY Cortland
“This book is a powerful tool for ensuring that our schools and classrooms are a positive place for children with special needs. It helps implement tenets of the Individuals with Disability Education Act and allows children to have fun while softening the stigma of special needs.”
– Rod Paige, former United States Secretary of Education
“The quality of life of children with special needs can be enhanced when the people in their lives better understand the challenges that they face. This book offers a tool to support such understanding among schoolmates and friends. Ellen Sabin has created another book that helps our children embrace values of tolerance and acceptance—and the importance of contributing to the welfare and well being of others.”
– Shay Bilchik, former President and CEO of The Child Welfare League of America
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The Greening Testimonials:

“Ellen offers a refreshing, nonpartisan, non-preachy, and family-friendly tool for children to learn about the environment and recognize their ability to make a positive difference in the world.”
– James Woolsey, VP of Global Strategic Security at Booz Allen & Hamilton, former CIA Director, and environmentalist.
“I love the way this book shows kids that they can be environmental “heroes” in small, easy, and incremental ways. The Greening Book will ignite the passion and interest of many children to care about—and for—our earth.”
– Alexandra Cousteau, Co-founder EarthEcho, Granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau, International Environmental Advocate.
“I don’t want my child to be scared into doing things or get a check list of things he’s learned to tell me to do for the planet... I want him to want to learn about environmental issues and then do things because he believes in them. This is the best book I’ve seen that leads a child to figure out how he or she wants to make an impact on the planet and gives children ideas of things that they can do on their own to feel important and make a difference.”
– Parent of 8 year old
“It just makes sense to focus energies on inspiring our youth to care about the earth. This book provides a fun and easy path that encourages children to conserve, clean up, think, and care. It not only helps them understand environmental issues, but it also shows them their connection to the earth--the reasons to care and some ways they can choose to show their care.”
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The Healthy Body Book Testimonials:

“Ellen Sabin, a former student of mine, has created an outstanding educational and practical tool for children and families. In a simple and friendly way, this book introduces balance, exercise, diet, and knowledge....it has the potential to improve the well-being of all who read it.”
– Walter Willett, MD, Dr PH, Harvard School of Public Health
“I believe that all children need and deserve healthy bodies, healthy minds, and the tools to develop healthy habits. The Healthy Body Book - shared in homes, at schools, and in the community - is a valuable tool to help inspire healthy behaviors and actions that will support our children in leading happier, healthier and more productive lives.”
– Alma J. Powell, Chair of America's Promise Alliance
“The development of healthy habits is a key ingredient in the recipe for a child's healthy future. This is a terrific book; it informs, motives, and inspires children. I hope it is shared far and wide.”
– Jay E. Berkelhamer, MD, Past President American Academy of Pediatrics
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The Nickels, Dimes, and Dollars Book Testimonials:

“Creative, engaging way to teach young and old alike the money basics!”
– Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine
“This book is a gift to children. I'm a staunch supporter for financial literacy so that children enter the real world prepared to make knowledgeable decisions.”
– Muriel Siebert, First Woman to Hold a Seat on The New York Stock Exchange
“This is a book for homes, schools and communities. It integrates financial information with character-building concepts such as wants versus needs, prioritizing, and using money to build a meaningful life. It is an important read.”
– Andrew H. Tisch, Co-Chair of the Board, Loews Corporation
The Nickels, Dimes, and Dollars Book is valuable, informative, and refreshingly fun as it enrolls children in learning smart, balanced, and healthy money habits.”
– Zanne Newman, M.Ed., Third Grade Teacher and Mom
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The Healing Heroes Book Testimonials:

“Ellen Sabin's wonderful book teaches all of us about the impact of the wounds of war, both visible and invisible. It is a special gift to the children of the wounded and their families, who provide the healing spirit for so many remarkable young men and women who have sacrificed so much for our country.”
– Mike Mullen, Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.) and 17th Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff
– Deborah Mullen, Military Family and Veteran's Advocate
“When service members sustain wounds, it affects the lives of their spouses and children. This book fills an enormous unmet need as it supports the whole military family. The author wraps insight, wisdom, research, and practical advice into a book that is engaging and hopeful.”
– Lee and Bob Woodruff, Journalists
“This sensitive book helps children understand their changed family environments and offers valuable suggestions of healthy coping skills. Ultimately, this unique book encourages readers to express themselves, overcome fears, identify support systems, and find hope.”
– Alma J. Powell, Chair of America’s Promise Alliance
“Honest, direct, helpful, therapeutic, and above all a priceless aid to military children. This book belongs with each and every parent, health provider, therapist, or teacher seeking ways to support children in coping with a loved one wounded in service.”
– Jay E. Berkelhamer, MD, Past President American Academy of Pediatrics
“The Healing Heroes Book, by Ellen Sabin, covers an important and often difficult topic. If you want to give back to those who have served and made sacrifices for our country, share this book.”
– General Stanley McChrystal, U. S. Army, Retired
“As a wounded solider with physical burns, amputations, scars, and invisible wounds, I'm so excited that this book exists for military families. Often, when trying to get through difficult times, we don't know where to start, but once we get started, we see that we're making progress. Ellen Sabin's The Healing Heroes Book helps military family members find a starting place! It kick-starts the conversations that begin the healing process. It's hard as a wounded service member to admit we need help and explain to our children why we act different because of our invisible wounds. To me, my family members are the heroes that stood by my side to get me stronger. Thank you, Ellen, for giving us this well-needed book to support military families.”
– Bobby Henline, Wounded Warrior (4-tour Iraqi War Veteran) currently, Comedian and Speaker
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The Imagine It Book Testimonials:

“This book is a gift to children; it gives their imaginations freedom to grow and encourages them to turn their thoughts and ideas into creations. It’s also a valuable gift to all of us, as these children will be tomorrow’s problem-solvers who will advance our world.”
– Tom Gruber, Co-inventor of Siri and Product Designer at Apple
“Exploring our planet and beyond challenges us to think and dream bigger. If you want to empower the next generation to change the world, share this book far and wide.”
– Charles F. Bolden Jr., Maj. Gen. USMC (Ret),12th NASA Administrator and Astronaut
“The Imagine It Book—shared in homes, at schools, and in the community—is a valuable tool to help inspire the passion, learning, and calls-to-action that will support children in becoming the next generation of innovators and leaders.”
- Jackie Bezos, President and Co-Founder, Bezos Family Foundation
“The most inspired thinkers and innovators share some common qualities, like raw curiosity, unprejudiced observation, and the courage to think differently. Sabin’s book captures the magic of how ideas, when pursued, can enrich us, the people around us, and the world we live in. It invites children to experience the thrill of inquiry into science, technology, engineering, or math and the joy of discovery.”
- Walter Isaacson, President and CEO, The Aspen Institute and author of ‘The Innovators’ and biographies of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin
"If you want to inspire a child to dream or desire to one day be an entrepreneur, giving them this book is a very good start. I can think of a few adult CEO's that should read it too! It's full of powerful building blocks of creating thinking and problem solving laid out in a playful and interesting manner.”
- Kevin O'Leary, Investor, Shark and Chairman of O'Shares ETFs
“Engaging, researched, and most of all fun...The Imagine It Book will have children hooked before they even realize it's all about STEM.”
– Zanne Newman, M.Ed, Robotics and STEM teacher, Scout Leader, and mom
“Sabin’s books help form healthy habits in young minds; this one fosters curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and perseverance—qualities that will serve children in all areas of their lives.””
– Gretchen McClain, Engineer, CEO, and Tech Advisor
“This fun book will give curious young minds confidence to explore. It empowers them to think, try, play, fail, succeed, and learn along the way.”
– Horacio Rozanski, President and CEO, Booz Allen Hamilton
"I wish I had The Imagine It book when I was a kid! It would have helped me harness my natural curiosity, and to see where it could take me. This book will certainly inspire kids to see themselves as inventors, and will provide them with the tools they need to make that happen."
– Tina Seelig, Stanford Professor, Management Science & Engineering, Author of Creativity Rules
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The Celebrate Family Book Testimonials:

“We all know family is important, but this book helps remind us how special and unique each of us are in the ways we share and experience our gift of family. This book is an excellent way for homes, communities and businesses to stress the importance of family in our lives. Sabin’s book is fun, entertaining and engaging; I hope it ignites a focus on family and is shared far and wide.”
– Mark A. Weinberger, Global Chairman & CEO, EY
“This intriguing book for young people motivated a much older person--me-- to think anew about what family is.”
– Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education , Harvard Graduate School of Education
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The Super Smart Cyber Guide for Kids Testimonials:

“Intellectual curiosity starts at a young age and this book is instrumental in stoking it in children, enabling them to represent the next generation of cyber professionals and digital consumers. I've used Ellen's book as a valuable tool in large enterprises to benefit families and the community at large.”
– Jim Routh, Former CISO/CSO MassMutual, CVS, Aetna, JPMC, KPMG, DTCC, American Express
“Cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination. Sabin's empowering book for children takes them on a cyber journey and provides practical and fun steps to practice digital safety and reduce their risks while online. I highly recommend this book to parents, educators, and leaders.”
– Patricia Titus, Board Member, Girl Scouts of the Commonwealth; Chief Privacy and Information Security Officer, Markel Corporation; Former CISO at Symantec and TSA
“As a father and an executive in cybersecurity, I hope this book will reach children and be spread by companies to serve families and communities.”
– Ed Amoroso, Former Chief Security Officer, AT&T; CEO, TAG Cyber
“A timely and important book that teaches children the critical thinking skills needed to be safe online and empowers them to make smart choices. Well done!”
– Suzanne Spaulding, Former DHS Undersecretary for Cyber and Infrastructure; Senior Advisor at Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
“This book offers a creative, informative, and positive way to teach young and old alike cyber safety basics. It will serve as inspiration for young learners to become the next generation of cybersecurity experts.”
– Keith Alexander, Former Director, NSA; Commander, US Cyber Command; General, US Army (Ret.); Founder, IronNet Cybersecurity
“Cybersecurity is one of the top priorities for companies and governments, as well as colleges and universities who are preparing students for careers in the field. This book provides a path to introduce habit-forming building blocks that will help children engage safely online and create smart digital citizens.”
– John S. Pistole, Former Deputy Director, FBI; Former Administrator, TSA; President, Anderson University
“This was fun! I like using my devices and I liked learning how to be more cyber cool, cyber careful, cyber kind, and cyber connected.”
– Susan Collins, 10 year old
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