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The Autism Acceptance Book: Teacher’s Guide

The AUTISM ACCEPTANCE BOOK – Being a Friend to Someone with Autism is not just an informative and engaging book to teach children and inspire them to be their best - it is also a resource that lends itself to fulfill many State and National Standards in the classroom.

The attached Teacher's Guide includes eight lesson plans in three main areas: character education, language arts, and science. It also offers additional literature, web sites, and organizations that you may use to enhance The Autism Acceptance Book experience for you and for your students.

These lessons were designed to offer you a place to begin - they were written to address a wide range of skills and abilities. They can be easily modified to meet the unique needs of your students.

Click here to view the free Autism Acceptance Book Teacher's Guide on screen.

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Click here to download your Teacher's Guide. (532KB PDF)

Here's what some educators are saying about The Autism Acceptance Book:

“This book is a powerful tool for ensuring that our schools and classrooms are a positive place for children with special needs. It helps implement tenets of the Individuals with Disability Education Act and allows children to have fun while softening the stigma of autism.”
Rod Paige, Former United States Secretary of Education

“Good character involves the head, the heart, and the hand-knowing, caring, and acting. The Autism Acceptance Book develops all three: children's understanding of autism, their empathy for those facing this challenge, and their ability to befriend them in helpful ways. Any young reader who develops these sensitivities toward people with autism is likely to become more empathetic and kind toward people in general. Parents, teachers, and others who care about character will be grateful for this excellent resource.”
Thomas Lickona, Ph.D, author, Character Matters;
        Director, Center for the 4th and 5th Rs, SUNY Cortland

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