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The interactive nature of our books makes them the perfect tools for reading events and group activities. Corporations and organizations have created customized books or bulk ordered our popular titles to use in reading events in schools, libraries, community centers, or in their retail locations.

These events can be enhanced by an author appearance or can be led by members of your team to raise visibility of your company and its leaders in the community. When you provide attendees with copies of our books, you give them an ongoing reminder of the inspiring experience the event provided and your company's dedication to its customers and the community. Reading events also provide positive media coverage opportunities of your company and its leaders working to help children and families. We offer free teaching guides and event planning suggestions for our books that provide valuable guidance for using our products in group settings.


Watering Can worked with The New York Knicks to create reading events for both The Giving Book and The Hero Book in conjunction with their literacy efforts.   Various financial and consumer product companies have held reading events in schools, after-school programs, and other settings led by members of their staffs, author Ellen Sabin, or supportive outsiders. Here, comedian Molly Shannon participates in a kick-off event for the California ScholarShare 529 Plan.
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