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Corporate Programs and Cause-Related Marketing

Customized Books

Watering Can Press has experience working with major corporations, non-profit organizations, sports franchises, and community groups in utilizing our books as part of their marketing campaigns and philanthropic efforts.

Customizing the books with your brand identity and/or important messages creates a perfect customer gift or promotional item. Our books’ powerful character building lessons and interactive journal/scrapbook format make them items that will stay in the hearts and homes of their recipients for years to come.

The here are several ways you can customize our titles to best fit your needs:
We can work with you to create stickers that tie into the design of the book and highlight your organization's identity, logo and/or key messages.
We can custom print an order of any of our books with your information printed in a prime location in the book.
We can incorporate your organization and your messages into the content of the book for a fully customized and integrated product.
We can also work with you to create original books that communicate messages and topics important to your business.

Click here to view sample of a customized book online.
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Click here to download sample customized book description to print (1 MB PDF).

Learn more about our corporate programs and how organizations are using our books to support their cause-related marketing, community relations, and philanthropic programs.

Watering Can books have been recommended by leading parenting publications and news organizations and have been praised by children, parents, teachers and community leaders across the country. Contact us by email, or call 212-243-3727 to find out how we can work with you to align your organization and your efforts with our inspiring products.